About Us

Keith & Jenessa Frey with Peggy Woods & Dennis Tessen

Whiff Roasters began out of a lifelong dream for Dennis Tessen and Peggy Woods. In 1997 they started a family run gourmet coffee shop called “Spill the Beans” located in the historical district of Lititz, Pennsylvania. In order to ensure quality and freshness, the couple began roasting their own coffee beans. As an off shoot to the coffee retail business, Whiff Roasters was born in 1999. By 2003 they had sold their cafe in order to dedicate themselves exclusively to roasting high grade, premium coffee beans with an attention to detail and freshness.

Dennis Tessen and Peggy Woods continued to grow, manage, and operate Whiff Roasters for 18 years. In the fall of 2017, they passed on ownership to Keith and Jenessa Frey, a local couple who were dedicated customers. Together, it is their hope and desire to carry on the legacy of Whiff Roasters. They will continue to ensure the same high quality and freshness standard that has always been associated with Whiff Roasters and to perfect the art and skill of roasting premiere grade coffee beans.

If you desire the very best in carefully roasted and guaranteed fresh coffee, or a burst of coffee flavor nestled in outstanding chocolate, Whiff Roasters invites you to sample these outstanding products. Discover for yourself just how good they truly are!

Keith & Jenessa Frey
owners of Whiff Roasters